Yes, We Are Open! – Local Business List [Updated] – Heart of the ...Central Karate will officially re-open for business on Monday, May 18th. A class calendar and schedule has been posted (see tab above). Please note that we will have some changes that go along with our re-opening. We can’t wait to see everyone next week!

Some important things to note for next week’s re-opening:

1. Parents will not be allowed in the lobby area during class. We realize that everyone wants to see the new space and we’re excited about you getting the chance to check it out, but in an effort to limit the number of people in the building, parents will not be allowed to sit in the lobby and watch class until further notice. We ask that you drop your child off and pick them up at the door. Because of the location of the restroom in the new do jang, it will be reserved for students only until further notice.

2. We will not be having Ho Sin Sul classes (self-defense) or Fight Nights (sparring) until further notice, in an effort to limit contact between students.

3. Mask will be optional. Sa Bom Nim, Kyo Sa Nim, and Miss Shelbi will not be wearing them. If you feel more comfortable wearing one, you will be allowed to do so.

4. We will limit contact as much as possible between instructor and students. We will use pool noodles or kicking paddles when directing students.

5. Every student needs his/her own water bottle (no leak, no spill strongly advised). THERE IS NOT A WATER FOUNTAIN IN THE NEW SCHOOL (YET). Students should come with their bottle already filled and ready to go.

6. If any student is showing signs of illness, they will be sent home immediately. Please DO NOT send a sick child to class or come to class sick.

7. Classes will also be live streamed from our private Facebook page for the duration of Phase 1. If you are not comfortable coming to class, you may participate by following along. Please note that if you have not re-registered by June 1st, you will be removed from the private Facebook page.

8. EVERY STUDENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO RE-REGISTER WITH CENTRAL KARATE. Registration forms will be passed out after each class. Every student must register no later than June 1st to keep participating in class. Tuition options will be listed and you will be able to choose which option you would like. If you need a hardship form, please contact us at centralkaratela@gmail.com

9. PLEASE BE SURE YOU ARE SIGNED UP FOR REMIND AND YOU ARE PART OF THE PRIVATE FACEBOOK PAGE. Updates, upcoming events, and important messages will be posted there. If you need the info to sign up for remind, please visit our website.

Choong Jae Nim Seminar

Wow! What a weekend. A HUGE KO MAP SUM NI DA to Grandmaster CS Kim, Sa Bom Nim YD Kim, Sa Bom Nim Dufour, and all of the other Sa Bom Nims, Kyo Sa Nims, and Black Belts who came out to support and join us this weekend. This event is definitely one everyone will remember and cherish for a very long time. We are so grateful for having had the opportunity to have Choong Jae Nim down for the weekend to visit our Do Jang and provide our students with a weekend of learning and training through the seminars that were taught. Time spent with Tang Soo Do family is always time well spent! Tang Soo!!

Regarding Do Boks (uniforms)

Uniform Requirements


A quick reminder regarding uniforms (do boks). We have noticed a lot of dirty and stained uniforms lately. Please be sure to make sure uniforms are neat and free of stains. New uniforms are always available at the do jang for purchase. Uniforms are only to be worn to and from class. ITF etiquette calls for only the pants to be worn to and from class and the top and belt put on upon entering the school. As a reminder, we have a changing room that students may use as needed. ALL STUDENTS need to get their patches on their uniforms ASAP. Remember they are not iron on. With the exception of White Belts, every student should have an ITF patch as well as the Flag patch on their uniform at all times. If you need to purchase patches, please see Mrs. Lauren. STUDENTS WITHOUT PATCHES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRE TEST OR TEST!


White Belt Students will not have any patches on their uniforms.

Yellow & Orange Belt Students are required to have the red ITF patch on the front left of their uniform and the Flag patch on the right sleeve at all times. Please make an effort to get these patches sewn on ASAP.

Green & Red Belt Students are required to have the ITF patch & Flag patches on their uniforms at times. Green & Red Belt Students are also required to have lapel trim on their uniforms. Ribbon is available at the do jang upon request.

If anyone needs to purchase patches, they are available in the office for $10 per patch. These uniform requirements are set by the International Tang Soo Do Federation.

Tang Soo!

Jewelry Policy

no jewelryTang Soo Parents and Students,

As some of you are aware, the jewelry situation has gotten out of hand here at the do jang. No only is it causing a distraction to students, it is also unsafe for students to wear jewelry during class and it can potentially be unsafe if they are working with a partner.

Effective 6/6/16, we will have a strict NO JEWELRY policy in class. The only exceptions will be a small pair of stud earrings and wedding rings/bands for those adult students whom are married.

We appreciate your understanding and compliance with this new rule.


Central Karate Louisiana