About Us

About Us

Central Karate has been locally owned and operated in Baton Rouge since 2007. We are proud members of the International Tang Soo Do Federation. The International Tang Soo Do Federation was formed in 1984 by Choong Jae Nim Chun Sik Kim with the goal of maintaining the high standards of authentic Tang Soo Do.

Our Facility
We are located at 8857 Sullivan Road, Suite A, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70818 in the Sullivan Hardware Shopping Center.


Mission Statement.

Central Karate is dedicated to teaching quality authentic Tang Soo Do as well as providing students with life skills that promote confidence, self-esteem, discipline, and respect which help to develop strong character, morals, and a strong vision of excellence.

What is Tang Soo Do

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Tang Soo Do (pronounced “tongue-sew-doe”) is a traditional martial art with origins in Korea.
Tang Soo Do means “The way of the worthy hand”. It is both a hard and soft style of karate. This means it uses strong powerful techniques along with softer flowing techniques.
Tang Soo Do is a martial art, not a sport. It is not a game played solely for the sake of winning, but rather a physical and intellectual activity designed to foster physical and mental well-being. Tang Soo Do develops body coordination, conditioning, control, self-esteem, discipline, and respect. As members of the International Tang Soo Do Federation (ITF) our instructors are held to the standards set forth by Grandmaster C.S. Kim, the founder of the ITF.


Who Can Learn Tang Soo Do?

Any man, woman, or child can learn Tang Soo Do. Our students can begin their journey as young as six and continue well past retirement age. It is never too late to begin training. All that is required is the desire to learn. This martial art does not require one to be a “super athlete” or to be in “great shape” to begin training.

What Will I Learn?

Tang Soo Do workouts include a regimen of stretching for flexibility, foot techniques and combinations for strength, forms for power, hand techniques and combinations for control,IMG_5169 copy

one-steps for focus, free sparring for speed, and self-defense for confidence. Our program is designed to develop “can do” attitudes, which benefit both young and young at heart. By setting challenging yet obtainable goals, students leave class with a sense of accomplishment which carries over into their daily lives.

What Are the Benefits of Tang Soo Do?

Tang Soo Do builds confidence, improves coordination, increases concentration and focus, teaches self-defense and self-control, reduces stress and teaches patience, improves discipline and respect, channels aggression in a positive direction, creates challenging obtainable goals, and develops “can do” attitudes.

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