Meet Our Instructor:

Sa Bom Nim Christopher “Chris” Maus – Dan # 51372

chrisSa Bom Nim Christopher Maus began his Martial arts career in March of 2003, at age eight. Sa Bom Nim Maus graduated from Walker High School in 2013. Like many young people who train, Sa Bom Nim Maus left the do jang after graduating to attend college. Sa Bom Nim Maus returned to the do jang in 2016 to continue his training. He is currently a Sa Dan (4th degree) under Sa Bom Nim Sean Kennedy. He currently resides in Hammond, Louisiana. Sa Bom Nim Maus took ownership of Central Karate in October of 2021 and is very excited about meeting his lifetime dream of owning and running his own do jang!

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