February 2022 Testing List

The following students are ELIGBLE for August Testing. Remember, just because you are ELIGBLE doesn’t mean you are READY! All students must have appropriate patches & uniform lapel (if applicable). STUDENTS WITH MISSING PATCHES, LAPEL TRIM, OR DITRY UNIFORMS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRE-TEST! If you need to purchase patches, uniforms, or you need lapel trim, please see SBN Maus. 

Students will be asked their terminology questions at Pre-Testing. Students must get 5 of the 6 questions correct in order to pass and be eligible for testing. Students have 5 questions for their rank and will be asked one question from their previous test. If a question has more than one part, the entire question must be correct in order to receive credit. Answers to terminology can be found the blue gup manual that students received at Yellow Belt. White Belts should use the folder they received upon signing up for terminology. If anyone needs to access terminology, directions on how to do so can be found here : https://centralkaratela.com/student-section/

PLEASE READ THE CALENDAR BEFORE CALLING TO ASK WHAT TIME/WHEN TESTING IS. If it is still not clear, then please reach out to Sa Bom Nim Maus for clarification.

*Due to the pandemic, I understand that many students were not able to attend the usual required number of classes to pretest. I will allow all students that would like to pretest to do so this time around. The only exceptions are red and black belts that have tested within the last 3 months already will obviously not be eligible as they have to wait 6 months between each rank.

**I also want to remind everyone that we will not be testing on Hol Sin Sol (self defense grabs)

I have not taught these so that we can limit how much contact we have with each other, but would like to bring them back as soon as it is safe to do so.

The exception will be Red belt and up. Those students will go over Hol Sin Sol but I will be extremely lenient as I know we have not gone over them very much. Please don’t stress on those as we will just be going through them and see how well you do.