Mardi Gras Day Camp

daycampWe will be open for Mardi Gras Day Camp, Monday, February 28th and Wednesday, March 1st. Day Camp is from 7:00am to 6:00pm. It is open to all kids ages 6-12. You do not have to be a current Central Karate student to attend. Day Camp is $25/child/day. Campers must bring a lunch and snacks.

If you would like to sign up or need more info, please call 261-6326 or e-mail us at

mardi gras

Regional Black Belt Testing

PTSDARegional Black Belt Testing will be held Saturday, April 22nd at PTSDA Karate in Pensacola, FL. Testing will begin promptly at 9:00 am. If you are a Black Belt and plan to attend this testing, please see Mrs. Lauren so she can let Sa Bom Nim Dufour know who will be attending.

As always, we recommend the Best Western Blue Angel Inn Hotel which is located less than 5 minutes from PTSDA.

Tang Soo!

Zippity Zoo Fest

temp_file_zoo_logo3.jpgCentral Karate has been asked to perform a Demo at the upcoming Zippity Zoo Fest at BREC Baton Rouge Zoo. Our Demo will take place on Saturday, April 1st at 1:30. Students who participate in the Demo will receive free admission to the Zoo for the afternoon. All Little Ninja Yellow, Orange, & Green Belts as well as all Traditional Program Students are strongly encouraged to participate. We’ve had a lot of fun at this event in the past.

Those students who would like to be part of the demo will have two MANDATORY practices. Practice dates are Sunday, March 12th & Sunday, March 19th from 3:00-5:00 pm. You must be able to make both practice dates. A sign up sheet for those students who would like to participate in the demo is located on the bulletin board. We must know by Friday, March 11th who is going to participate in the demo because I have to give the zoo a list of students who are participating.

Students who participate in the demo will arrive to the Zoo no later than 1:00 pm dressed in full uniform. Please bring clothing to change into after the demo. 


Regarding Do Boks (uniforms)


Uniform Requirements


A quick reminder regarding uniforms (do boks). We have noticed a lot of dirty and stained uniforms lately. Please be sure to make sure uniforms are neat and free of stains. New uniforms are always available at the do jang for purchase. Uniforms are only to be worn to and from class. ITF etiquette calls for only the pants to be worn to and from class and the top and belt put on upon entering the school. As a reminder, we have a changing room that students may use as needed. ALL STUDENTS need to get their patches on their uniforms ASAP. Remember they are not iron on. With the exception of White Belts, every student should have an ITF patch as well as the Flag patch on their uniform at all times. If you need to purchase patches, please see Mrs. Lauren. STUDENTS WITHOUT PATCHES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PRE TEST OR TEST!


White Belt Students will not have any patches on their uniforms.

Yellow & Orange Belt Students are required to have the red ITF patch on the front left of their uniform and the Flag patch on the right sleeve at all times. Please make an effort to get these patches sewn on ASAP.

Green & Red Belt Students are required to have the ITF patch & Flag patches on their uniforms at times. Green & Red Belt Students are also required to have lapel trim on their uniforms. Ribbon is available at the do jang upon request.

If anyone needs to purchase patches, they are available in the office for $10 per patch. These uniform requirements are set by the International Tang Soo Do Federation.

Tang Soo!