Testing Reminders

It’s testing night!🥋👊
*Students uniforms must be clean and free of stains. Yellow Belts & up must have correct patches and lapel trim if applicable.
*Students should arrive 15-20 min early for testing. This time is used for check in, restroom trip, stretching, and warming up.
*Parents & guest are welcome to come and watch. We recommend bringing a “bag chair” from home if you have one, as we have limited seating.
*As always, we encourage photos and videos, but we ask that you please tag Central Karate Louisiana 😊

We’ll see you tonight! Tang Soo!!

Report Cards

report_012002216The last day to turn in 4th 9 weeks report cards for our August Awards Night is Thursday, July 24th. No report cards will be accepted after this date. If you need us to make a copy, we are able to do so! Awards will be handed out for A Honor Roll, A/B Honor Roll, & Academic Improvement.

Gup Testing

Gup BeltsGup Testing is just around the corner! ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO PRE-TEST IN ORDER TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR GUP TESTING. Students who are eligible for testing will be sent home with a form at Pre-Testing that is to be completed and returned with testing fees no later than Tuesday, July 20th. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE SPARRING GEAR TO BE ELIGBLE FOR TESTING. Students must also meet their class requirements to be eligible for testing. Yellow, Orange, & Green Belts must have a minimum of 16 classes. Red, Blue, & Black Belts must have a minimum of 32 classes.


Wednesday, July 21

  • White, Yellow, & Orange Belt Testing 6:00-8:00

Thursday, July 22

  • Green, Red, Blue, & Black Belt Testing 6:00-til

Pre-Test Week

Pre-Testing is right around the corner. Pre-Testing is a REQUIRMENT to be eligible for testing. We will post a list of students who are eligible to Pre-Test next week. At Pre-Testing, students will be required to answer their terminology questions. Please be sure you are reviewing your current questions as well as your previous questions all the way to White Belt. Students will also be required to show proficiency in their material. If your name is on the list, but you do not wish to Pre-Test, please let Kyo Sa Nim Kennedy know. ALL WHITE BELTS ARE REQUIRED TO HAVE SPARRING GEAR FOR TESTING!


  • Monday, July 12
    • White Belt Pre-Test @ 6:00
    • Green Belt Pre-Test @ 7:00
  • Tuesday, July 13
    • Yellow Belt Pre-Test @ 6:00
    • Regular Class for Orange/Green Belts 7:00-7:45
  • Wednesday, July 14
    • Orange Belt Pre-Test @ 6:00
    • Regular Class for White/Yellow Belts 7:00-7:45
  • Thursday, July 15
    • Red, Blue, & Black Belt Pre-Test @ 5:30

Ko Map Sum Ni Da

Central Karate parents & students:

We wanted to take a moment to say KO MAP SUM NI DA (thank you 😊), to all of you as we adjust and adapt to our huge influx or students. To our existing students, thank you for being patient, kind, and understanding. A special thank you to all of the students who have been coming to help out or have just made our new students feel welcome!

To our new students, we just don’t have the words to tell you how wonderful you all are. We are so excited that you’ve chosen to be a part of the Central Karate family. Your patience, kindness, and understanding is not overlooked! We are excited for you to take this journey with us and our existing students are cheering you on!

Big things are coming!🥋👊🥰

Attendance Reminder

May be an image of textWe know the Summer months bring new challenges with schedules, planning, and activities… BUT… we are reminding everyone to make KARATE ATTENDANCE A PRIORITY! All students should strive to attend a MINIMUM of two classes per week. If you can attend more, even better!
We will strictly enforce our Attendance Policy for this testing and all testings going forward. White Belts do not have an attendance minimum. Yellow, Orange, and Green Belts must have a minimum of 16 classes in order to be eligible for testing. Red, Blue, and Black Belts must have a minimum of 32 classes to be eligible for testing.
If you need to check how many classes you’ve been to, you can log into your Kicksite account and see it there or you can check the ipad next time you sign in for class.

Teen & Adult Class

IMG_1877We are SUPER excited to announce the addition of Teen & Adult Classes! These classes will take place on Thursday from 7:00-8:00. The Advanced Class will be cut back by 30 minutes. This class is for all students ages 13 & up. We will focus on stretching, exercises, technique, and more. Don’t miss out! These classes will start on Thursday, June 10th.

16th World Championship

The International Tang Soo Do Federation™ World Championship is a four day experience that includes a Tournament, Seminars, Dan Promotion Tests, Recertification Tests and an Awards Dinner.  International Tang Soo Do Federation members throughout the world come together during this exciting time to gain more knowledge and practice authentic Tang Soo Do, both physically and mentally.    

16th World Championship

Renaissance Hotel Orlando

at SeaWorld

Orlando, FLORIDA

July 29th – August 1st, 2021


Hotel Room Reservation Information
Renaissance Hotel Orlando at SeaWorld
6677 Sea Harbor Drive
Orlando, Florida 32821 United States
In order to get the best rates from Renaissance (Marriott), rooms should be reserved directly through the ITF website using the link below.
Please use the following link when booking your reservations
If you would like to book your reservations via phone, please call 407-351-5555 or 1800-266-9432.  Please mention the ITF 16th World Championship and the dates of the Championship when reserving your rooms to receive your special rate.  

For more information & a schedule of events, please visit the ITF website