Awards Night

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Awards Night will be held on Saturday, September 29th. Students will receive their Gup Certificates and Canes Certificates for Good Grades. Also on this night, we have some special awards that will be given out to outstanding students. Following the awards ceremony, we will have a potluck style dinner for the students and their immediate family.

Students should come dressed in their uniforms and wear a t-shirt or bring one to change into after awards so they do not get food on their uniforms. Each family is asked to sign up to bring a small dish. A sign up sheet for food will be posted above the check in station on the bulletin board. As always, Sa Bom Nim request Blue Store chicken.


Black Belt Club

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Saturday, September 15th from 12:00-2:00 we will host our Black Belt Club. Black Belt Club is open to all Green Belt students and higher. If your child is not currently in Black Belt Club, but is interested in joining, please see Mrs. Lauren.

This meeting will be “Fruit Ninja”. Black Belt & Masters Club members need to bring whatever fruit they choose to cut. Pineapples, cantaloupe, and butternut squash work great. Pizza and drinks will also be served.

Special Classes

In anticipation of testing in October, we are hosting some special classes for students to get in extra practice. While not mandatory, students are strongly encouraged to attend these classes. These classes are open to all students including our After School Students.

  • White Belts: Saturday, Sept. 8th @ 9:00-10:00
  • Yellow Belts: Saturday, Sept 8th @ 10:00-11:00
  • Orange Belts: Saturday, Sept 8th @ 11:00-12:00
  • Green Belts: Saturday, Sept 15th @ 9:00-10:00
  • Red Belts & Blue Belts: Saturday, Sept 15th @ 10:00-11:00
  • Black Belts: Saturday, Sept 15th @ 11:00-12:00