Eligible Testers

The following students are eligible for November testing. Please see the calendar for testing dates and times. Testing forms will begin going home on Monday, November 12th and are due back along with testing fees no later than Thursday, November 15th.

Henri Herbert 10th Gup  
Josiah LaCour 10th Gup  
Ella Kate Lee 10th Gup  
Krissie Machen 10th Gup  
Jayce Machen 10th Gup  
William Smith 10th Gup  
Charles Sanders 10th Gup  
Malik Nixon 10th Gup  
Andrew Dang 10th Gup  
Kevin Dang 9th Gup  
Luke Chauvin 9th Gup  
CJ Carter 9th Gup  
Luciano Giardini 9th Gup  
Ashlyn Kuhns 9th Gup  
McKenzie Moore 9th Gup  
Zachary Robinson 9th Gup  
Isabella Bachaleda 9th Gup  
Sean Fitzpatrick 9th Gup  
James Haynsworth 9th Gup  
Serenity McIntyre 8th Gup  
Ashton Holliday 8th Gup  
Da’Quincy Lands 8th Gup  
Dominic Lands 8th Gup  
Lawson Neames 8th Gup  
Victoria Perry 8th Gup  
Camden Potts 8th Gup  
Rhett Potts 8th Gup  
Haden Dupree 8th Gup  
Anthony Bachaleda 8th Gup  
Colton Dykes 8th Gup  
Reed Dyer 8th Gup  
Anthony Fierro 8th Gup  
Seraphine Shelby 8th Gup  
Brennan Lee 7th Gup Testing fee includes do bok
Corey Green 7th Gup Testing fee includes do bok
Milton Guevara 5th Gup  
Nathan McKnight 5th Gup  
Hailey McKnight 5th Gup  
Landon Neames 4th Gup Testing fee includes do bok
Caleb Canales 3rd Gup  
Felix Thibodeaux CDB  
Shelbi Lambert Cho Dan 1st Recert
Haden Kuhns E Dan 1st Recert
Lauren Kennedy E Dan 1st Recert
Anthony Williston E Dan 1st Recert
Christopher Maus Sam Dan 7th Recert

Tournament Prep

In anticipation of our upcoming tournament, we will host Tournament Prep days on the following days. These days are designed to help students with their forms as well as setting up their board breaks and tournament etiquette. We are strongly encouraging all students to participate in the tournament. It is a lot of fun!

Tournament Prep Schedule

  • Friday, December 7th: Green Belts 6:15-7:15; Red & Up 7:15 – til. Black Belt Class to follow if time permits.
  • Friday, December 21st: Orange Belt 6:15-7:15, White & Yellow 7:15-til

November Closures & Day Camps

Central Karate Louisiana will be closed on the following days in November for Thanksgiving Hollidays:

Day Camp Days ($20 each unless otherwise noted. These camps are NOT included in your After School Tuition. Campers should bring a small pillow and blanket as well as a lunch.)

  • Monday, November 19th
  • Tuesday, November 20th (Laser Tag Field Trip. Add $15)
  • Wednesday, November 21st

School Closures

  • Wednesday, November 21st (No night classes)
  • Thursday, November 22nd
  • Friday, November 23rd


ITF World Tournament 2020

Banner 10x6 v3.png

We are excited to announce that the 2020 International Tang Soo Do World Championships will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Renaissance Hotel Orlando at Seaworld! The tournament and seminars are open to all students of all ages and ranks. We hope to have a large group of students attend this tournament. The tournament will be held August 6-9. More info will be given during our Awards Night in September. We would like to begin fundraising now, so that we will be able to raise a large amount before the tournament gets here to help offset the cost of attending. If anyone has questions about the World Tournament, please see Mrs. Lauren!