Choong Jae Nim Seminar

In anticipation of this weekend’s upcoming Seminar, I wanted to share this with our students. Sa Bom Nim Dufour sent this to his students as well and I thought it had some good reminders and notes about this weekend’s seminar! We can’t wait to see everyone this weekend!

  1. Dress for Success – Make sure that your uniform is clean, pressed and have ITF patch on it. Masters and Black Belts will need to wear their ITF suit (Blue Blazer w/ ITF Pin on left lapel, White Shirt, Blue Tie, Khaki Dress Slacks, Dress Shoes) to Central Karate, then change into their dobok when given permission.
  2. Etiquette – Conduct yourself like you do at our dojang. Yes Sirs/No Sirs & Yes Ma’am s/No Ma’am s, Deep bows & loud Tang Soo to Grandmaster Kim, Masters and Black Belts. Stand at attention when being addressed.
  3. Give Your Best! Our reason for going is to improve ourselves. Don’t slack! Bend your knee with stances, try hard and answer up with spirit. Whatever you are doing, give your best.
  4. Be Flexible – At these events, we strive to stay on schedule. Sometimes, life simply happens. Just be flexible and understand that you will get your money’s worth at the seminar. Arrive 15-20 minutes prior to your event to stretch out, etc.
  5. Write it Down – To help with your experience, write down what you learned after the event. Areas that you felt good and not so good during the seminar. Then it will be up to you to be disciplined to work on it.
  6. Take Pictures – There will be seating for parents and families. Feel free to take pictures. At the end of the seminar, students will receive a Certificate of Completion from Grandmaster Kim. Remove shoes and go get the picture:)

January Pre-Testing

Due to the Christmas and New Years Holidays, we will not have a January testing. Testing will take place in early February. Pre-Testing will be the last week of January:

  • Monday, January 27th: White & Yellow Belts at 6:55
  • Tuesday, January 28th: Red & Up at 6:05
  • Wednesday, January 29th: Orange Belts at 6:55
  • Thursday, January 30th: Green Belts at 6:55
  • Friday, January 31st: Makeup Pre-Test at 6:05