Do Jang Rules & Uniform Requirements


dojang rulesPlease let this post serve as a friendly reminder to parents and students, of some of the rules we have here at the do jang:

  1. Please come to class with your body and uniform clean and free of stains, as a courtesy to your instructor and fellow students.
  2. Make sure you bring all of your equipment to class on appropriate days. (i.e. sparring gear on sparring night, staff on staff form night)
  3. Please keep your toenails and fingernails trimmed and clean to ensure safety when working with partners.
  4. Those students wishing to wear a shirt under their uniform should only wear a white  shirt or a plain colored shirt matching the color of their belt (no logo or writing). This shirt should be tucked into your do box pants and should not hang out from the bottom of your top. (Female students should try to wear an undershirt under their uniform for modesty)
  5. No shoes, gum, food, or drink on the dojang floor.
  6. Please pull back and secure long hair.
  7. Children are NOT to go outside the building without their parent or guardian.
  8. Students are NOT to run around or talk loudly when another class is going on. Those students arriving for the 7pm class should enter quietly and start stretching before their class.

**Note to the parents and families of our youth students: We thank you for your support in helping to enforce these rules with your child/children, as it is showing respect in our school and to those who train with us. TANG SOO!

black logo on dobok Students are required by ITF Standards to have the red ITF patch on the left front chest side of their uniform, the ITF Flag patch on the upper left sleeve, as well as rank appropriate lapel trim. It has also come to our attention, that students are not wearing appropriate undershirts. It is ITF Standard to wear a SOLID white or Solid Colored shirt matching the color of your current belt. Uniforms should also be neat and free of stains.

If their are any questions or you need to purchase patches or trim, please see Sa Bom Nim Nevels or Sa Bom Nim Kennedy. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. Tang Soo!

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