Little Ninjas

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Central Karate Louisiana is now offering Little Ninja classes for children ages 4-6

Classes are Tuesdays & Thursdays from 6:00-6:30. Classes are limited to no more than 15 students per class!

Students in Little Ninjas practice hand/eye coordination, learn thru exercise and games, img_2484and learn the basics of Tang Soo Do which will help them succeed in the Traditional Program. Little Ninjas is specially designed with smaller children in mind. Classes are 30 minutes packed with constant movement paired with listening drills and Martial Arts skills.

Little Ninjas was designed for children to learn and progress at their own pace so no one gets left behind. As Little Ninjas learn the required skills they progress through a specially designed belt system that is is rewarding and engaging. Once Little Ninjas reach Little Ninja Green Belt, they are eligible to move into the Traditional Program.

If you would like to schedule a date to come in for a free class or would like more information regarding our Little Ninjas Program, please give us a call at 261-6326 or fill out the form below.