Heart of a Hero Championships – Open Tournament

mandevileCentral Karate invites students of all ranks to join us at the USKA Heart of a Hero Championships in Mandeville, Louisiana on Saturday, March 11th. This is an open style tournament, meaning there will be students from different styles of karate in attendance (not just ITF Tang Soo Do). This is a great opportunity to attend a nice tournament and meet students from the area. Students of all ranks and ages may participate in Kata (forms/hyung) and Kumite (sparrring). Red Belt students and higher may also participate in Kobudo (weapons). Since this is an open tournament students may perform any form or staff form they know. It does not have to be your high or low form like at ITF events. The sparring rules for this tournament are different than ITF rules and we will go into detail at the meeting tomorrow night. We are very excited to be able to offer students an opportunity to attend some local tournaments.

We will host 4 mandatory Tournament Prep classes in February. If your student is interested in attending this tournament or the tournament in Texas, please be sure to sign up on the Tournament Sign Up sheets located inside the do jang. If you are unable to attend the tournament prep classes, please speak with SBN Maus. Tang Soo!

Registration Forms can be found here: Heart of a Hero Championships Registration Form

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