Gup Testing

IMG_5033 copyGup Testing will take place the week of June 20th. Monday, June 20th & Tuesday, June 21st will be testing review days. Regular class times apply those days. Students who are NOT testing may still attend classes on Monday & Tuesday. Those students who ARE testing, please be sure to return your testing forms & fees either Monday or Tuesday to Sa Bom Nim Maus!

Testing will take place Wednesday, June 22 & Thursday, June 23. No regular classes these days. All uniforms should be clean, pressed, and free of stains. Yellow Belts & higher MUST have the round ITF Patch and the Yellow Flag Patches on their uniforms. Green, Red, & Black Belts MUST have the appropriate colored trim on their uniforms. If you need to purchase patches or a new uniform, please see Sa Bom Nim Maus.

Gup Testing Schedule

  • Wednesday, June 22nd
    • White Belts @ 5:45-6:45
    • Orange & Green Belts @ 7:00 – til
  • Thursday, June 23rd
    • Yellow Belts @ 5:45-6:45
    • Red & Up @ 7:00 – til

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