Christmas Party / Awards Night

Fri. December 4th 6:00pm

It’s almost time for the annual Central Karate Louisiana Christmas Party! We will also combine the party with our 4th Quarter Awards Night. The party will be “potluck” style so every family is asked to bring a dish. There is a sign-up sheet for food located on the inside of the small glass door of the do jang. Central Karate will provide drinks and a sandwich tray. We ask that you please limit pre-packaged deserts and instead bring a food dish. (unless you make a killer homemade desert!)

In addition to the potluck, and 4th quarter awards, we will be doing a small gift exchange for the kids. Parents are asked to bring a small gift for their child (no more than $20) wrapped, and labeled with the child’s name. Because we have limited space available, we are asking that only Immediate family attend! (parents/guardian & siblings) Students should come dressed in their uniforms and should wear a shirt under (white or color of belt) for when it’s time to eat.

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