Important Announcements

Parents & Students:

As always, we make announcements at the end of class. With parents not being allowed inside the building, we want to make sure everyone stays up to date with what’s going on at Central Karate!

  1. Remind text messages: If you haven’t signed up to receive our text messages, please do so! You can text @cklatsd to 81010
  2. Our website: Please check our website often. There is a box on the left where you can put in your email address and it will alert you when new post are made.
  3. FACEBOOK: This is a big one! If you aren’t following our Facebook page, GO DO IT NOW! Lots of announcements are made there because it’s easy to update from my phone. We also have a private Facebook page for current students. The link to that can be found on our Facebook page.
  4. Email: Please be sure you keep us updated with a current email address. I am going to start sending out emails in addition to posting things on the private FB page. Please be sure to read these emails!


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