June 22, 2020 Update

Good afternoon! In case you haven’t seen it, today, June 22, 2020, our Governor announced that Louisiana will remain in Phase 2 for 28 more days. With this announcement, we wanted to issue some new and updated policies and procedures that will be in effect until further notice.
Effective today, June 22, 2020:
    1. No one will be allowed inside the building other than students. We ask that parents drop off and pick up at the door. If the weather is bad, we don’t mind if you pull up to the door, just be mindful of the other businesses that may be open.
  • Should a parent/guardian need to discuss a business matter, we ask that you call or send a remind message if possible. If it is a matter that needs to be discussed in person, please come prior to the beginning of your student’s class time.
  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes early to class. Students will not be allowed to sit in the lobby and wait for extended periods of time until their class starts.
  • Students may only attend their class. We had originally told advanced ranks that they could attend lower rank classes for review. With class sizes continuing to increase, we will no longer allow students to participate in other classes. We appreciate your understanding.
  • Mask are not required for students; however if they choose to wear one, that is their choice.
  • All RED BELTS & higher need to bring their own staff (bong) on weapons night. It was previously not a requirement for students to have their own; however, we will no longer allow students to borrow one from us. We have 1 staff left out the 5 dollar sale!
  • Students need to bring a water bottle with them to each class or $1 to purchase one from us. Please bring exact change. No IOU’s.
  • If a student complains of not feeling well, is showing symptoms of illness, or begins to show signs of illness during class, they will be sent home immediately.
  • We will continue with no sparring and no ho sin sul until we feel it is safe to do so. I can tell you that when we do move to sparring, ALL STUDENTS will be required to purchase a face shield that will fit existing headgear. This item will need to be purchased through Central Karate. We will have a sale prior to us beginning to spar.
We also want to take a moment to say THANK YOU! to all of our parents and students for being understanding during this time. Your continued support towards Central Karate is appreciated more than you know! TANG SOO!👊🥋

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