Pre Test Week & Testing Dates

Our April testing date and Pre-Testing is quickly approaching. Because of the upcoming Easter/Spring Break Holidays, our Pre-Testing for our April test will take place the last week of March. As a reminder, Pre-Testing is required to be eligible for testing. Students must also be able to answer Terminology questions AT THEIR PRE-TEST. Terminology questions can be found under the Student Section Tab above. The Pre-Test and Testing Schedule is as follows:

Pre-Test Schedule

  • Monday, March 25th
    • 6:05 – Regular Class for Orange & Green
    • 7:00 – Red, Blue, & Black Belt Pre-Test (this includes Black Belts testing in Florida)
  • Tuesday, March 26th
    • 6:05 – Regular Class for All Ranks
    • 7:00 – White & Yellow Belt Pre-Test
  • Wednesday, March 27th
    • 6:05 – Regular Class for White & Yellow Belts
    • 7:00 – Green Belt Pre-Test
  • Thursday, March 28th
    • 6:05 – Regular Class for Red & Up
    • 7:00 – Orange Belt Pre-Test
  • Friday, March 29th
    • Make up Pre-Test (must have Dr excuse or spoken with Kyo Sa Nim Kennedy)

Testing Schedule

  • Friday, April 5th
    • Green Belts 6:15-7:30
    • Red, Blue, & Black Belts who are unable to make Regional Testing 7:30-9:00
  • Saturday, April 6th
    • White Belts 9:00-10:00
    • Yellow Belts 10:15-11:15
    • Orange Belts 11:20-12:50
  • Monday, April 8th
    • Make up testing at 7:45 pm (must have Dr excuse or spoken with Kyo Sa Nim Kennedy)

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