Fundraising Info

Hello students and parents!

Summer is over and that means it’s time to start focusing on beginning our Fundraising for the 2018 ITF World Championships! We will begin with our World’s Finest Chocolate Sale & our Sponsorship T-Shirt Fundraiser.

Images of sponsorship t-shirt ideas can be seen under the tab above. We will take a vote for which shirt we like best. If anyone would like to create and submit one, I would love to see your ideas. I would like to keep the shirt Maroon in support of the Central Community. Packets for t-shirt sponsorship forms will be handed out this week.

I will be picking up the chocolate one day this week & will let everyone know when I have it. We typically do the $1 bars. If you would like a box of Almonds ($2 a box), please let SBN Kennedy know. The $1 bars tend to sell better. When the weather cools down, we will start our Walmart Days.

If you were unable to attend the meeting we had a few months ago, and are interested in attending the World Championships, you can click on the tab above or see Mrs. Lauren for more information.

Below is a list of students whom have told me they are interested in attending World’s:

  1. Anthony W.
  2. Reid C.
  3. Joseph G.
  4. Keegan E.
  5. Caden D.
  6. Albert B.
  7. Royce T.
  8. Patricia A.
  9. Rodriguez Family
  10. Hayden K.
  11. Troy H. (Chance H. ?)
  12. Harley G.
  13. Doug P.
  14. Gauthier Family
  15. Ethan Rogers