2018 World Championships

Tang Soo! Welcome to the 2018 ITF World Championship (July 25-29, 2018) page. This page is for members of the ITF that would like information on the 2018 Tournament and seminars to be held in Washington DC. Please feel free to call or email us at centralkaratela@gmail.com with any questions you may have.


Several students and parents have been asking about the schedule of events for the upcoming 2018 ITF World Championships in Washington, DC. We don’t have exact times, but we know that Thursday will be the Masters Seminar. Friday will be Judges/Referee Clinic followed by Black Belt Seminars and Gup (colored belt) Seminars. Saturday will be the Tournament and Sunday will be Masters & Black Belt Testing & Recertifications.

Below you will find links that you can use to make your trip to DC easier.

Grand Hyatt Room Reservations link: https://aws.passkey.com/go/2018IntlTangSooDoFederation You may also call 888-421-1442 (both international & domestic.)

Local Airports: Reagan National Airport is the closest. BWI Airport is about 30 miles to the north Dulles International is located about 30 miles West. Dulles would be the best airport for international visitors. Southwest Airlines is most likely the most economical and serves all 3 local airports.

Transportation: Super Shuttle will get you to and from the airport. They service all 3 airports. You can check them out here: https://www.supershuttle.com/ DC

Metro Rail is the “subway” system that services the local area. It runs from Reagan airport to the hotel. The hotel is located above the Metro Center Stop. Here is a link to their website. Here you can check out the schedule, and which lines run from the airport to the hotel. https://www.wmata.com/service/rail/